Sacrilege 'n Miscreancy


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Heavy Metal, hear our praise! Curse this monument we raze… let these torches feed the blaze, the beacon of our Metal ways! We drink the brew of fertile lands, and ravage all the flesh we can! Blood and semen stains our hands in tribute to the Metal clan! chorus: Debauch! Debauch! Spare ‘em not the spoils we take… The torch! The torch! Burn ‘em up for Metal’s sake! Start to kick and scream and bite! Can’t you feel the vibe tonight? Possess you with our Metal rites… don’t tempt us ‘cos we just might! Metal miscreants arise… choke the world with savage lies! With fires burnin’ in our eyes we eat the rich and drink the wise! (chorus) Assassinate the lords and kings… none can stop the hell we bring! All will hear the praise we sing: our heavy Metal’s deafening! Metal Miscreants! We’re the Heavy Metal Miscreants! Turn their symbols upside-down… we’re damn well gonna trash this town! Ring the bells and spook the hounds… the Metal anthem still resounds! Metal Miscreants! We’re the Heavy Metal Miscreants!
Converts to an instant faith submit to a colonial wraith; Whores of alien technology; coercion dispels ideology. You had to abandon beliefs, unable to withstand the grief; Your ancient gods are still there but your children forgot where! Your lands were taken and tamed; resettled, reshaped, and renamed; Adopting laws and traditions; believing in new superstitions. Women on grass beds laid; Men mastered under the blade. Infusion of weakness and scorn; under bright flags babies born… The reeking dust hovers over the fields, contorting to the whims of the breeze. Its deftness betrays not the tale it wields, that would sicken the hardest heart with ease. It is all that remains of a spent progeny, once youthful and strong, and iron of will. It stands as a monument to the sinful tragedy that still resounds through the valleys and hills. The primordial forces that created sapiens have exercised their rights of démontage! The hands that cupped our races are by nature alien, and our doom, try as they might, could not assuage! Conspicuous motives that fueled a stalemate were behind glossy words and closed doors. Betrayals were vindictive in the interest of the state, whose virtues were slurred by desastrophies of war!
Swarm of insects, the vectors of disease, they’ll take advantage of decreased immunities! Soon you’ll struggle to swallow your bread, or, perhaps you’ll decide you’re better off dead! chorus: It’s the doom of each successive generation to be subjected to progressive degradation. You’re the victims of nuclear radiation: Mutation Meltdown consumes your population! No better off with advanced technologies, and distant worlds provide no sanctuaries. Your peoples left their heyday far behind, and now they’re dwindling – relief they cannot find! (chorus) Chaotic growth without end, with nothing but to descend. Abhorrent sorrows behold, twisting in numb cold. Outlandish beasts your wombs will nurse the drivel of the universe – a species with no sovereignty, lacking own sense of identity. Marooned and left to survive, to burgeon in the mutant hive, brains to fester and yearn – solution they’ll never learn! The clutch stagnates and decays – 666 torturous days. Extinction Vortex draws you in – Mutation Meltdown always will win!
Sitting, I drink my black brew that calms me my gullet through. Shifting, I think of failures been; in my veil I ponder them furiously. Shivers jar my ganglions, and insects swarm the ground I’m on. No thrust of fear’s insanity yet breaks my feverish reverie. I’m at the mercy of the black brew that culls me to obscured view, taunting me with dreadful suggestion – resin of mentally ill digestion. Drifting through a disheartening fog – taking will’s journey to where it belongs: Cognic fathoms that I press upon, context of progress, forgotten long. I sleep in the enchantment of the drink, leaving above me everything. Into the sheaths of mud I sink, deep to fathoms where I’ll think. Deep beyond life’s reverberations, below its sober hallucinations, where truth flows in naked concentration, in rivers of black brew’s condensation. Sleeping, I am your black brew, calming you your gullet through. Unshifting, I am the failures been, and the veil that your fury breathes… …sinking inconceivably deep, to the river that is your final sleep…
Carrion Race 05:03
When the interstellar gods beheld modern humankind, they deemed a wretched fate: this animal must die! They’ve cast an evil spell now of cosmic radiation: the herald of the ruin of the modern human nation! The dead and rotting wake now to only one emotion: kill and eat the living with unerring devotion! chorus: We have no inhibitions, no morals or alibis; we are the Living Dead: behold our awful cries! We’ve no discrimination, nor tell truths nor lies; we only long for living flesh: tonight your species dies!! Maniacs and governors will be the last to live; none though e’er escape their fate, the sacrifice we give! Trajected by the frequency that from our slumber woke us, Our minds have lost control to the energy that invoked us! We do the devil’s dirty work, but cease not for the souls; We’ve billions to fell tonight, so let’s get on a roll! (chorus) Carrion race! Behold the mission we face! You dream-like state society: we’re now your only enemy! Carrion race! Behold the mission we face! No matter to which god you pray: we’ll eat your carcass anyway!!
Demontage 09:59
We make no speech that isn’t free… waste no time on pleasantries! Incapable of sympathy, DEMONTAGE is said to be! We fight no wars and know no peace… tend not toward complacency! Antithesis of humanity, DEMONTAGE is anti-thee! We are DEMONTAGE, and our hope is logic will tear down fabric and capital… our science will negate false principles; will unveil knowledge of sin’s oracle… We face a narcotised world: A world built of illusion. Bereft, of Muspel Fire, You'll never climb this tower. We're here to bring you pain Horror, misery and strife, So beautiful and right! Ah, so beautiful, so right!


released August 31, 2006

Recorded 2006 at the Demontage Bastards' Lair
All music, lyrics and artwork (c) 2006 The Demontage Bastards, Mk II


all rights reserved



DEMONTAGE Toronto, Ontario

Heavy Black Metal

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