Desastrophies of War

from Sacrilege 'n Miscreancy by DEMONTAGE



Converts to an instant faith
submit to a colonial wraith;
Whores of alien technology;
coercion dispels ideology.
You had to abandon beliefs,
unable to withstand the grief;
Your ancient gods are still there
but your children forgot where!

Your lands were taken and tamed;
resettled, reshaped, and renamed;
Adopting laws and traditions;
believing in new superstitions.
Women on grass beds laid;
Men mastered under the blade.
Infusion of weakness and scorn;
under bright flags babies born…

The reeking dust hovers over the fields,
contorting to the whims of the breeze.
Its deftness betrays not the tale it wields,
that would sicken the hardest heart with ease.

It is all that remains of a spent progeny,
once youthful and strong, and iron of will.
It stands as a monument to the sinful tragedy
that still resounds through the valleys and hills.

The primordial forces that created sapiens
have exercised their rights of démontage!
The hands that cupped our races are by nature alien,
and our doom, try as they might, could not assuage!
Conspicuous motives that fueled a stalemate
were behind glossy words and closed doors.
Betrayals were vindictive in the interest of the state,
whose virtues were slurred by desastrophies of war!


from Sacrilege 'n Miscreancy, released August 31, 2006
Lyrics by Spatilomantis 2004
Music by Spatilomantis 200?


all rights reserved



DEMONTAGE Toronto, Ontario

Heavy Black Metal

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